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    MaxGrip® High Top Boots

    Superior grip protection; provides slip and fall protection on damp and dry floors
    Extremely clean, anti-skid soles are durable and strong enough to stand up to the most abrasive floor surfaces
    The AquaTrak® upper material is soft, strong, flexible and a fluid impervious material that also provides appropriate particle holdout
    Fit over the calf to provide a comfortable fit and prevent the boot cover from sliding down
    Elastic at top and ankle, serged seams
    Reg fits up to men's size 13, XL Up to 15
    ***In Stock - Available Today***

    Price Reduction MaxGrip® High Top Boots, Reg Size (100 Pr /Cs)
    SKU: BT-T5W12-B
    Price Reduction MaxGrip® High Top Boots, XL Size (100 Pr /Cs)
    SKU: BT-T5W13-B