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    Hydro-Aspirator & Accessories

    Hydro-aspirator: Auto vacuum breaker, approved by most health authorities, dismantles easily for cleaning, can furnish both vacuum and pressure, includes backflow preventer
    Extensions screw into hydro-aspirator; required by many states as a further precaution against pollution
    Clear-view sight glass shows aspirated material before it passes into the hydro-aspirator
    Stainless Steel Mfg by Instrument Design & Mfg. Co. LLC
    Tubing Info 3/8" bore for the main line - 3/4" bore for the waste water line

    Hydro-Aspirator (Chrome Plated Brass)
    SKU: S1001
    Extension for Hydro-Aspirator (Faucet to Asp)
    SKU: S1002
    Clear-View Sight Glass for Hydro-Aspirator
    SKU: S1005
    Vacua Hydro Aspirator™ Stainless Steel
    SKU: Hydro-Asprss
    5" Derlin Extension for Hydro-Aspirator
    SKU: ASPR2282