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    Ryene (Comparable to San Vino)

    Apply, via spray or surface pack, to all areas that need dehydrated or cauterized.
    Applications can be used on skin donor cases, skin slip or autopsied embalming cases
    This product must be used with caution. It will cause severe bleaching and dehydration to skin
    We recommend NOT applying Ryene via hypodermically to areas that will be visible during viewing. Due to the high strength of the fluid the area may turn the area brown/black.
    Use Sanisol 7 to clean up table and instruments after use of Ryene.
    Ryene will kill maggots when spray or poured directly onto them.
    Ryene can and will kill maggots when applied directly in contact with them.
    Manufacturer's SDS for Ryene™
    Product can not be shipped to Hawaii or Puerto Rico!

    Ryene 16oz
    SKU: Ryene
    Ryene 16oz (Case of 24)
    SKU: Ryene-24
    Ryene 1 Gallon Cube
    SKU: Ryene-1GL